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Unbricking resources

  • HBC boot ISO / template

    This ISO image will normally boot the Homebrew Channel, if it's installed. If you use software tools to make this autoboot and switch it to your console's region, and use it together with SaveMii, and if you have System Menu 3.2 or earlier, you can use this to boot homebrew even if your wii is bricked. Then, use any tools at your disposal to fix the brick. This is particularly handy for people who have bricked their Wiis by improper homebrew use, such as region changers and bad banners. You can also inject any other homebrew app into it and run it without having HBC installed.

  • Tona's AnyRegion Changer

    If you screwed up your Wii's region, then this tool is for you. Use it to fix your region settings. You'll need a way of booting homebrew.

  • Twilight Hack

    Do you have 3.3 installed, so you can't use the above homebrew ISO? Did you brick your Wii using something other than an incorrect system menu version? If you have a modchip, there's still a way you can fix your Wii, but only if you previously had the Twilight Hack installed. For those who use it to install HBC, don't delete it once you're done! It can mean the difference between a fixable and an unfixable Wii in cases such as this one. If your Wii can't boot fakesigned discs, but you have the Twilight Hack installed, then you can burn a backup of Twilight Princess modified to autoboot (of course, you should only do this if you own the original!), and then use the existing Twilight Hack to launch some homebrew from your SD card, and use that to fix your Wii. Phew!

General Wii sites

  • WiiBrew

    Wii Homebrew database and hardware/software information. Here you'll find almost everything currently available for your Wii, and lots of valuable information, both for unbricking and general use

  • WiiBrew Forums

    The official forums of the WiiBrew Community

  • HackMii

    This blog is maintained by people from Team Tweezers, the same guys who made SaveMii. There are many articles covering a huge amount of detail about the wii's hardware and software, and what conditions you might encounter.